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Terms & Conditions

  1. Understand that the price of logo is HK$399 for economic purchase / HK$1,399 for exclusive purchase. I will then own publishing rights for the logo design for all future
  2. Understand that smaller changes in logo is free (changing colors, font etc.), but must be explained in above order form (Other comments), or in separate mail before final files have been sent to me
  3. Understand that I must give precise description of how I want my business name (and slogan/tagline) to be placed on the logo, in the above description form (or sent to us in mail before the order)
  4. Understand that if I do not give any description of how I want my business name (and slogan/tagline) to be places, design team will place it where they think it looks best from a professional point of view
  5. Understand that my IP address (the unique number linking to the pc I use) will be saved when purchasing a product from
  6. Understand that has done what is possible to ensure that the logos they are providers of are not copies or imitations of other logos.
  7. Understand that I am fully responsible for checking that my logo is not in conflict with other logos copyright or trademark protections.
  8. Understand that for the highest possible security we request buyers to also do a personal check that their logo is removed from the website 3 days after purchase
  9. Understand that I will not hold responsible if legal procedures should occur due to use of the logo, other graphical material or services or information made by (also includes any types of design I buy from
  10. Understand that the logos are offered and "first come, first served basis". Other people can order the same logo at the same time. The ones who buys it first, will receive it. When the logo has been bought it will be removed from our WebSite. One logo can only be bought one time, though one logo can be displayed as a free sample more than one time
  11. Understand I cannot change or return my logo, once the logo is bought.
  12. I understand that will prepare the logo the way they think will look best from a professional design point of view. Any changes from this will be charged extra cost.
  13. Understand that most logos will be prepared and sent within 24 hours, though certain logos can require up to 5 working days preparation time.
  14. Understand that cannot be held responsible if issues beyond their control prevent them from delivering the logo or other graphical product. This could be strike, lockout, online connection problems, or related problems making it impossible to do complete and provide the agreed product.
  15. Understand that modern technology can block e-mails from getting through (spam filters and so forth). I therefore understand that I must call using the phone number under page contact us? if files are not received by indicated time (to make sure can find an alternative way to send me the files)
  16. Understand that I am fully responsible to protect use of my logo design or other graphical design products bought through, according to national and international copyright, trademark and related laws affecting use of the product(s) bought from
  17. Understand that only sell me the design concept. They do not guarantee that the files I receive will equal the design concept or work under all types of conditions, or in any types of environment.
  18. Understand that colors in logo on my screen can look different in final print. therefore always advise to do test printing before final print
  19. Understand that is not responsible for errors or misconceptions done by printing houses. I understand that I am responsible for doing the final checking of color match, layout and related tasks.
  20. Understand that does not guarantee that the files types I receive will be accepted by all printing houses or for use in other applications